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                In a world that’s almost designed to bring us down, our environment and feelings towards ourselves have become the best tools for uncovering a sense of liberation and freedom from within.
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Learning to love.

Inspired by his partner Rae, this project is about learning to love, appreciate, and evolve all of who we are, with everything that we’ve got.

Rae's rise in the modelling industry has come with a battle of her own. Testing her inner-strength and further pushing her to question what really matters internally.

365 Days of Rae is an artistic medium of expressive awareness.

365 Days of Rae, photo
365 Days of Rae, photo
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About Us
This isn’t a final destination or a happily ever after, it’s a raw process for a better tomorrow. 100 portraits of emotion and perspective. All shots are no makeup, airbrush free.

A new era of photography.

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Jacarandas - A flurry of purple flowers.
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On a roadtrip from the Gold Coast to Sydney in 2018, we stopped over in Grafton at the back end of the Jacaranda festival.
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Help people connect.

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Happy Boxes

We focus on helping people connect with their surroundings naturally - with people they love naturally - so they can start feeling better about themselves naturally - so they can start believing in themselves naturally - so they can push themselves towards the best versions of themselves - so they can stop being afraid of being different from others…so they can start loving themselves unconditionally.
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Changing the game.

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By utilizing non-fungible technology as the foundation for this photography project, we provide transparent, seamless, and digitally-verifiable ownership of all 100 photographs in the collection.

Aside from being able to prove historical provenance and unique ownership of the assets, all 365 Days of Rae NFTs can also be traded, sold, or transferred on an open market at their owners discretion.

Say goodbye to ugly watermarks and hello to instantly verifiable ownership directly on-chain.
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New age shine

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